Things happen. Weather happens. Sunday happens. Extension as well. It is not only Jakopičeva residency extended. Also two other things connected to Refabricated life extend.

One extension is a visit of Tadej just before the Sunday extension of the residency and his practice of cranio-sacral therapy. We were there together there with Maja already once. And this time we expanded our communication with Tadej. We explored the 3d printed scull with all cranio bones and discussed the connections, sensations, wording of experiences. It is a crucial part of the whole session to have a conversation before and after. Yes, yes, it could be that we just go around and about without having a conversation about our cranio-sacral experience. It could also be that experience of it wouldn’t be that rich as it was with the conversation. And I think: conversation as a spice, language as a spice to the experience. In this extension of visiting again Tadej, we got at least one more extension, that of understanding language as a spice. Also in improvisation. I wanted to say practical improvisation as if there exists theoretical improvisation. Well, now it does, since I made that distinction. Exactly at this place.

There is second place intertwined with the rest of the spaces. It is that after Life. Refabricated. today we will go to DISCOrrespondance #13. This, too, shall be the extension of Maja coming to DISCOrrespondance #12. And there will also be Barbara with whom Maja was part of game M. What will be there our experience we might report in DISCOrrespondance. Yes, it is very family based work and play and art, and, yes, we are working on it, taking it in as a family business, we make family art, familiar art. Ah, extensions. Ah, McLuhan. What is our family art extension of? Tribe, community, meeting?

And of course there is this snake-like connection, snake-like extension, snake is and extension, it is auto-mobile extension and thus living between being extension and just tension and sometimes also intention. We encountered Tadej through Radharani at Invaintions of Castro Fik Arka – natural and man-made that invited a good friend of ours Viktor Žiga Mumomakić to join the exhibition. Tadej, Radharani, Maja and Norbert plan to play tarock soon, this week and tarock is based on tarot and torta (cake) will be there, too. What a sneaky way to come to the sweet things, you sweet tooth Norbert!

Yes, there are other similarities and familiarities in the air, soil, eyes and between people. There are other family art goring on. Not one is being used in such formidable inconsistent way, it’s consistency flowing like a snake, like an extension released from being extension of anything anymore.

And that is how a language or any tool, medium, can and does become a medium: by emancipating from being defined through being an extension of something or someone.

And so does this Sunday, it’s just a day. And so does this residency, it is just an accidental residency. And so does this post, it is just one of the posts and will make itself an extension of a book that is being written.