Refabricating life through writing, workshopping, performing and through other ways, formats, means, mediums which come in handy for reprocessing life.

The performance of Life.Refabricated. takes place and time in Wiesenburg-Halle on March 14.

The workshop Creating Space Through Playing happens as a part of the festival IMPRO in JugendKulturZentrum Pumpe from March 21 till March 24.

The writing, discussing, hanging out, meeting, confronting, exploring, partying, observing, discovering and living happens all around and at all times.

More info about the workshop:

Creating Space Through Playing

The workshop dives into the topic of gender, social relations and its manifestation in artistic improvisation. It is created for female-identifying improvisers only in order to create a safe and supportive environment for playing, exploring and creating. In the past years the topic of »women in impro« has become very strong within offstage discussions, productional challenges and artistic commentaries on stage with many interesting questions arising: What do we gain and what do we lose by understanding ourselves as minority? Is there something that we can call the female approach to improvisation? Does it help to look into the dynamics between initiative action and following? How do we deal with stereotypes and reproducing mainstream relations?

By using methods, exercises and scores from different fields of performing arts – theatre improvisation, contemporary dance, physical theatre and clowning – we will dig into those questions and hopefully form some new ones. Through playing with topics, identities, social relations and most of all with ourselves and each other, we are creating spaces for new worlds.