Life. Refabricated. is a regular meeting on stage of Maja Dekleva Lapajne and Norbert Sven Fö, observing and exploring the meeting points of theatre and dance improvisation. Meanwhile they are not minding to wander off into clowning and enjoy some clumsy music making. Last but not least they meet to (re)fabricate some of the fabrics of life. This stage endeavor is fueled by close friendship and powered by passion for creating games. Each such meeting is focused on a particular theme which is sticking out at the time of the stage meeting. Reflecting on the theme while performing and doing so by using the medium of performing, Maja and Norbert reflect not only on the theme, but as well on performing, relation to the public, stage as medium and life itself. And again maybe the chosen theme will not stay but will just give birth to the more actual one. Welcome, to meet life and stage and see how fabric of life will be remixed by everyone being there.