We write Ljubljana and Capaccio, because Maja is in Ljubljana, and Norbert Sven is in Capaccio, and the residency takes online. Refabrication today took form of what we could sum up with using prefix re-
– repetition: What repeats in the improvisation? There should be something repeating in the improvisation to recognize it as such.
– representation: to be able to represent, something needs to be present, for example transiency. Transiency is something present and this can only be seen when it is re-flected, ie re-presented in one form…
– re-birth + re-naissance + re-generation: this one should be a simple and effective distinction, for something to be reborn, needs to be regenerated, needs to be generated.

All these thoughts, images, gestures, actions, words, language support the hypothesis that “the only sustainability is improvisation” if we quote Maja from today’s writing.