Take watershoes and make those steps into the river Nadiža that one can still drink.

Maja and Norbert will walk down the stream to stream some more thoughts, feelings, emotions, visions, experiences on life and its (re)fabrication, and wash them in the walking and in Nadiža and then refabricate them … in more walking.

Just after the referendum for access to waters in Slovenia. For sure that will be the theme. And that theme is far from being the only one. This walking residency is also one of the trial walks for coming project that spins around the walk as an artistic practice.

Yes, with this we are also affirming different types of residencies. We made online residency as well before. The residency is made possible by the communities we feel close to and also the communities that are far away from us. 
What is a residency in terms of Life. Refabricated? Come along and walk with us and talk to us. Contact Maja and Norbert for more info (+38640226981, norbert.sven.fo@gmail.com