Density. All around and in us. Many stoned hours in a car, warm strong meetings in Cesena, Prato and Capaccio, driving over a computer with a van, losing wallets, losing keys, dying within the taste of the best mozzarella, reading aloud performatively and discussing about improvisation while Simeon ten Holt plays in the backround somewhere close to Napoli after countless hours of driving, the infinity of the ocean, singing, intelligent inspiring people trying to bring contemporary performative art to Capaccio and the surrounding area by the means of social choreography, dancing on gas stations, little babies playing base, thousands of birds meeting, flying, tweeting in a huge breathtaking choreography at a parking lot, calling a priest on the phone, inhabiting spaces, framing parts of the residency into performances, drinking Contessa, writing for the emerging book Improvisation, Love, Revolution.

First questions that arise from this:

What to add when everyhing is already there?

How to sustain and survive and create from simultaneity, from density, not to override or ignore certain parts, not to only look at one piece after another, how to breathe and live them all together without melting?

This residency is a part of the Giro d’Italia Co-residencies. It comes to life in collaboration with DISCOllective and Erratica. is a permanent laboratory of conjuction of artistic and social practices, based in Capaccio, Campania. The co-residencies are organized around the idea of Erratica to foster – among other things also – residencies for artists to share and devise their pratices with local community for longer periods of time.