The residency in Halle an der Saale offers various different formats and mediums through which Life. Refabricated. is living and continuing the refabrication. Long train rides accompanied by decelerated discussions, participation at the Impronale festival (watching, observing, engaging, meeting, talking, performing, exchanging), condensed writing sessions in the cafes of Halle and a performance on 1st December at 8pm in the Klub Drushba.

Each performance of Life. Refabricated. is focused on a particular theme which is sticking out at the time of the meeting. This year’s Impronale Festival is circling around the topic of relations and spaces. Therefore this is also the frame for Life. Refabricated. Staged in a charming trashy basement dancing club Drushba, Life. Refabricated. is fueled also by the topics of drushba (society, community, friendship, otherness), undergroundness, dancing and meeting physically. The performance is also an exquisite sensoric experience since it takes into account sight, sound, space, light, touch and sometimes due to closeness in a small basement club even smell. Life is way too wondrous not to experience it in many different ways!