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Performance Residencies

Semaine de l’impro, Nancy, 16. – 23.4.2022

Caught somewhere between resurrection, French presidential elections, Slovenian parliamentary elections, new meetings and old loves, bungalows and official performing venues, improvisation and the joy of being alive. Many topics indeed to refabricate. Performing, teaching and writing. And above all observing, feeling, soaking into life, co-creating, not rushing with conclusions, wording, naming, categorizing. Breathing into disorientation …

Residencies Writing

Capaccio Residency, February 10-17, 2022, Italy

Density. All around and in us. Many stoned hours in a car, warm strong meetings in Cesena, Prato and Capaccio, driving over a computer with a van, losing wallets, losing keys, dying within the taste of the best mozzarella, reading aloud performatively and discussing about improvisation while Simeon ten Holt plays in the backround somewhere …

Residencies Writing

Residency Online, Session 13.5.2021, Ljubljana & Ogliastro

Iz Ljubljane Maja poroča, da uživa v bolj sproščenem ritmu dneva, iz Capaccia Norbert pravi, da je nemiren in da se želi odpeljati do sosednjega hriba, do Ogliastra in užiti drugačen pogled. Čeprav ga nekaj stvari muči (internet, baterije, kafič), ga Majina sproščenost podpre, da sede v avto in se zapelje v Ogliastro. Nekoč se …

Residencies Writing

Residency Online, Session 12.5.2021, Ljubljana & Capaccio

We write Ljubljana and Capaccio, because Maja is in Ljubljana, and Norbert Sven is in Capaccio, and the residency takes online. Refabrication today took form of what we could sum up with using prefix re-– repetition: What repeats in the improvisation? There should be something repeating in the improvisation to recognize it as such. – …

Residencies Writing

Sunday (as an) Extension, 11.4.2021

Things happen. Weather happens. Sunday happens. Extension as well. It is not only Jakopičeva residency extended. Also two other things connected to Refabricated life extend. One extension is a visit of Tadej just before the Sunday extension of the residency and his practice of cranio-sacral therapy. We were there together there with Maja already once. …


Jakopičeva Residency, Ljubljana, 8th & 9th April 2021

We invited ourselves to the two day residency just few streets away from Maja’s home and actually temporary home of Norbert. Almost half a year ago Dragana, whose home is residency where we are at at the moment, took a weekend residency at Maja’s home. So, Life. Refabricated. would say it takes just to notice …