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Residencies Writing

Sunday (as an) Extension, 11.4.2021

Things happen. Weather happens. Sunday happens. Extension as well. It is not only Jakopičeva residency extended. Also two other things connected to Refabricated life extend. One extension is a visit of Tadej just before the Sunday extension of the residency and his practice of cranio-sacral therapy. We were there together there with Maja already once. …


Jakopičeva Residency, Ljubljana, 8th & 9th April 2021

We invited ourselves to the two day residency just few streets away from Maja’s home and actually temporary home of Norbert. Almost half a year ago Dragana, whose home is residency where we are at at the moment, took a weekend residency at Maja’s home. So, Life. Refabricated. would say it takes just to notice …