As we were in London on the occasion of Art of Voices meeting, we decided to prolong our stay for two more working days and explore how we could find a place and time to practice Life. Refabricated. without knowing anyone or any place in particular or contacting anyone before for our endeavour.

We had an amazing trip. We had encountered Crossbones, entered the guts of Amazon headquarters and were dragged into fabulous dragshow at Glory.

Life was refabricated on the go in the streets, in the offices, at the underground venues, through meetings with people that we felt connected to in a surprising and yet such a home-like way. We got inspired and enriched and came up with an expression: “We’ve got the goose and the gin”. If you want to know more about that expression, let us know, and we will gladly explain you this in one of our Life. Refabricated.